Who’s in a menu item name?

Author: Hanna Raskin
@: @hannaraskin
Date: Jul 6 2016 8:00 am
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The Troy, North Central Deli

Ingredients: turkey, ham, fried onions and yellow mustard on bread

North Central Deli owner Paul Cheney knew he wanted named sandwiches on his menu when he opened his Huger Street counter, but he didn’t want the scheme to come across as phony. So he had to patiently wait on customers to establish ordering patterns when taking the “build your own sandwich” option.

“It was a bit of a gamble, as there are some folks who do not possess the creativity to even design their own sandwiches,” Cheney says. “They literally take 3-5 minutes to create a sandwich, or sometimes they just say, ‘Make me what you like to eat.’ ”

Not Troy, an employee of nearby Boomtown. He ordered the same boring turkey sandwich every single time: “He is one of those larger-than-life personalities that lights up a room when he walks into it, but he is possibly the pickiest eater we have met,” Cheney says lovingly.

Once The Troy appeared on the menu, its inspiration became one of Cheney’s best salesmen.

“Troy aggressively tells people the best sandwich in the world is The Troy,” Cheney says. “We have seen him buy Troys for friends who did not even want a Troy. We have seen him belittle customers he doesn’t even know for not ordering a Troy.”
In the case of The Troy, also known as The T-Roy, Cheney sometimes has to tamp down customers’ excitement: “When folks order a Troy, we have to gently remind them that this is a Spartan, almost dry turkey sandwich.”

…Back at North Central Deli, owner Paul Cheney has noticed “there is an awkwardly awesome sense of pride in the customers’ eyes when they see their sandwich in print on the menu.”